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Since its establishment in 1996, our company has been a beacon of innovation in Greece, dedicated to delivering cutting-edge services and trading in electronic and telecommunication equipment. Over the years, we have earned the unwavering trust of both small enterprises and industry giants. Today, our legacy endures as we continue to offer comprehensive solutions, harnessing the power of the latest technological advancements.

We specialize in tailoring bespoke applications and managing projects for businesses of all sizes. Before you embark on your high-tech investment journey, trust in our expertise. With over 25 years of unparalleled experience, supported by skilled technicians and esteemed partners across diverse high-tech domains, we stand as your reliable guide in the realm of advanced technology."

Custom Software Development

There is no software that meets your needs 100% except what you plan in your mind, we can implement your thoughts in order your plan to become real.

Provision Of Internet Services

For a static or dynamic website, portal, online store or presentation of products to your customers, even for building a server on your premises, SoftGr is the solution you were looking for.

Robotic Automations

Design and construction of industrial automation and improvement of existing installation. Do not hesitate to consult us before buying machine production or yousince we will make sure your purchase is the most advantageous.

Industrial Solutions

Design and construction of industrial automation and improvement of existing installation. Do not hesitate to consult us before buying machine production or yousince we will make sure your purchase is the most advantageous.

Networking Solutions

Certified technicians offer computer troubleshooting help, project management, and IT consulting services for every aspect of your network, whether it exists on-premises at your office location, or remote, or is hosted off-site in the cloud.

Voip Solutions

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems have become one fix to meet the needs of companies that want better for their communication needs.

Discover our latest and most popular application

What is estock

Our application named estock is a Cloud Inventory Management Software.
Because the usual method of inventory tracking (WMS) is time-consuming and costly, and as the saying goes, "time is money" and mistakes are expensive, the estock application has come to replace it with all the advantages such as saving time, resources, and eliminating errors with zero equipment costs.

You can start using the fully functional trial version of estock today by registering here and contact us for any clarification or help you may need.

Without estock

High investment cost in equipment such as specialized handheld terminals with barcode scanners, connectors with user license fees, etc.
Creation of infrastructure for the Wi-Fi operation of the specialized equipment or expansion of the existing infrastructure.
Specialized software with specific knowledge requirements and continuous staff training.
Expensive support contracts for both the equipment and the software.
High costs for modifying or improving the system's functionality.
Time-consuming process for adding or replacing a branch, user, or administrator.

With estock

Saving money by not requiring additional equipment for using the application and no user license fees, as we can use the existing company Android phones.
No necessary Wi-Fi infrastructure, as the service works through 4G or 5G mobile data.
Simple and user-friendly interface with understandable menus and integrated help and video tutorials for using the application.
Reduced operating costs without expensive contracts.
Easy and quick modification of application parameters by administrators.
No need for a specialized partner to support the application.
Resource savings by eliminating expenses for specialized equipment.

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